So your son married a Catholic…

Panic mode! We are a Protestant family. I cannot believe my son married that Mary-worshipping, big hipped wino. I am here to clear up a few misconceptions.

1) We are not necessarily supposed to get pregnant every time we have sex. However, we do believe it is for procreation, so we are to be open to new life. It is also for marital unity. It is how two become one flesh. That is why it is to be preserved for marriage.

2) We do not believe the Pope is God on Earth. We believe he is an Apostle, not Deity. And as we speak, there is not one. No Catholic is doubting that there is God right now.

3) We have a high respect for Mary and saints.Yes we do believe they can pray for us. Do you believe the dead hear our prayers? Do you not believe the dead in Christ are in heaven worshipping? Then why is it hard to believe there are intercessors.

4) No, we are not pagan.

5) Yes, we believe Jesus is the son of God. 

6) Yes we believe in transubstantiation. We understand others see communion as symbolic and a way to be in communion with one another. 

7) No, not all priests are pedophiles. And no, hurting a child is not okay. There are far more child molestation cases within our schools.  


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