Life, Liberty,…

We as a country love talking about how our founding fathers plagiarized John Locke citing life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. That is all well and good; however, we cannot use that as our policy if we are Christians. First of all, life is the one we can keep the same. We should respect life even in its most fragile stages. We are endowed by our Creator, so we are endowed upon creation. That is a good policy for us to have. Now onto liberty. We use that to say we can do whatever we want. And to make it seem less hedonistic we tag on the infamous as long as it harms nobody else. However, we never really discuss what that means. Chastity goes against that. We should accept promiscuity because we are free to do it (though I disagree that it harm none). We should be able to do whatever we want and it is our own business. However, we are our brothers’ keeper. We are a part of a larger community than ourselves. You are the role models for Christians of tomorrow. And you may have someone who looks up to you today. And when Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior, your life is no longer your own. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are in control. Your vocation is your faith. Your policy is to be do what is of God. Which brings me to my next point, pursuit of happiness. Our lives are to be Holy, not happy. We are not to be pleasure seekers. We are to lead a decent, moral, modest life. We are not supposed to act on appetites, pleasures, and passions. That leads to moral decay. That will lead us to act like selfish, entitled children who value people by how much happiness they bring you, as if they owe it to you. What we should really value are Life, Authority (submission to God) and Holiness (acting out on what you are called to do). Thomas Jefferson was not a prophet, he was a thinker and an innovator, but not a theologian. We should not look to society, but to the hills, where our help comes from (Psalms 121:1).


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