I have always heard that people like to be with people who are like them; however, I am the exception to the rule. Most of my closest friends come from completely different walks of life. I embrace that., I like to hear about how they came to be who they are. Even small anecdotes that may seem as a simple conversation to them is a window for me. I like to learn about people. I know that I cannot accomplish that goal without diversity in the people I see regularly. Maybe it is because I am a minority in so many ways. I know that I am a rarity, so I try to see how others differ fro the norm. I wonder if the norm really exists. If I were a priest and could hear the confessions of all of the average congregants at my parish, what would I think? We all have something about us that separates us from the norm whether we can help it or not. Perhaps it is because of the type of people I attract, but I have not found a normal person yet. That is just fine with me.


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